Walking Through the Fog

I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday.  I’ve had that privilege quite a few times in the past, but the last one was more than 30 years ago.It is still a magnificent structure, and the view is spectacular, when you can see it.Just as we arrived at the bridge a big sign warned us:  Heavy fog ahead.  Low visibility.  And there was fog, but it had thinned.  Our first view of the big red span was mostly shrouded in fog, but it quickly dissipated.  It was more like driving through wispy clouds, with the bridge sometimes almost obscured, but increasingly adorned with hanging white puffs.On the other side we stopped at Vista Point, where we were completely out of the fog.  Looking back we could see the entire bridge emerging from the haze, unveiling the beautiful expanse. And the beauty beyond.Kind of like life with God.Not infrequently we live in heavy fog.  Who am I?  What is going on here?  Where am I going?  Will I crash or fall in this soup?Sometimes we wander around there quite awhile.But as we talk with God, pursue Him, ask, cry out, weep, yell, confess, surrender—the fog will thin.  We will begin to get glimpses of who God is, who we are, what we need...And eventually we will get some clarity.  The sun will come through.  Next steps will appear.  We can even look back and see where we have been and what was happening there.And we can walk in the good works God has prepared for us.Word of reality:  Fog can return.  Confusion can reappear.  But God is faithful to speak in the mist, to guide in the darkness and to lead us into the light.What about you?  Is there fog in your life today?C2012 Judy Douglass