Women Making a Difference: Carolyn Custis James and Chai Ling

I have had the great privilege of knowing and working with Carolyn Custis James for morethan eight years.  We share a passion for seeing women become all God created them to be.  We founded Synergy Women's Network together (though the vision is hers from God).  And we are close friends.When I first read Carolyn's book When Life and Beliefs Collide, I rejoiced.  Someone was saying, articulately and theologically, what I knew was true.  I resonated even more when Lost Women of the Bible came out, followed by The Gospel of Ruth.Then she wrote what I consider a masterful response to Half the Sky by Sheryl WuDunn and Nick Kristoff.  Half the Church summarizes much of the message of Carolyn's earlier books and sounds a call to the church to step up and enter the fray on behalf of the women of the world.  She urges the daughter's of God to not turn a blind eye to the needs, but to engage on behalf their global sisters.Not long ago, Synergy sponsored an interview with Carolyn and Chai Ling, Chinese activist, author of A Heart for Freedom and founder of All Girls Allowed.  Chai Ling tells of her work as commander-in-chief of student protesters at Tiananmen Square in 1989, of being on the Most Wanted list, of her harrowing escape and eventual trek to the U.S.In recent years she has founded an organization to fight the Chinese one-child policy.  All Girls Allowed has actually seen some recent changes softening the policy.  (News from China)You can watch this conversation here: http://www.synergytoday.org/ezerwatch_2011_vimeo_chailing.htmlWhat about you?  Where can you make a difference?c2012 Judy DouglassRelated posts:Sheryl Wudunn: Our Century's Greatest InjusticeAt Risk:  Girls and WomenIs the Door Locked?