My Most Read Blogs in 2012

I read a lot of blogs—they are such the right size for a quick read.  Hopefully they have longer-lasting impact.  But I have to skip over so many I would love to read—there just isn’t time.

I’m sure the same is true for you.  So here are the most viewed blogs on Kindling for the past year.  Perhaps there will be one or two you are sorry you missed—and now you can read them.

Top Kindling Blogs Published in 2012

A Prayer for Forgiving

Radical in February: Jesus on Love

Amazing Grace!

Radical Hospitality

3 Realities that Have Helped Us Have a Great Marriage (1)-Compatible

Most Read of All Kindling Blogs 

Take a Bullet?

The Circle of Life

Waiting with Hope

Are Women Mission Critical?

Please Let There Be Light

A Few of My Favorites in 2012

A Little Rest and a Free E-Book

What I Do When Someone Hurts Me

10 Thoughts on Relationships, Dating and Marriage

Design by God: Part 1: Woman

Scandalous Grace

What about you?  What Kindling blog was your favorite?