A Remarkable New Way to Give Jesus to People

Twenty-five mission CEO’s cheered and clapped.

Erick Schenkel had just given them the most amazing gift.

All of us know about the JesusFilm:  a docudrama on the life of Christ, totally from the book of Luke.  Translated into 1178 languages, the film has been seen in every nation in the world.

Around the globe, young and old sit mesmerized as Jesus speaks to them in their heart language, telling them of the love and forgiveness He is offering them.  Every eight seconds, somewhere in the world, another person indicates a decision to follow Christ after watching the Jesus Film. With more than 6 billion views and at least 230 million indicated decisions for Christ, the film was called “the most effective tool for evangelism ever” by Ralph Winter of the Center for World Missions.

But that’s not all:  An audio version is especially effective for those who are blind and when visual technology is not available.  Additional versions of Jesus include a children’s version; Magdalena: Released from Shame and Magdalena: Through Her Eyes for women, and an anime version.

Walking with Jesus follow-up films are helping to grow true disciples in South Asia and Africa.  A similar film series, Rivka, helps those who view Magdalena understand and grow in their new faith.

A growing number of short films, including a powerful evangelistic film My Last Day, gives greater access to hearts and minds for the gospel.

But here’s the really big news—the gift that caused missionary leaders to cheer:

The Jesus Film people have produced an App—for your phone or tablet—that has everything the JesusFilm Project has produced, in every language! So whatever you need, wherever you are, in whatever language someone speaks—it’s here!


I heard the story of man who had just received the app on his phone.  His bus driver to the airport had an accent—a Kenyan language it turns out.  The passenger asked his language and told the driver he had a film dubbed into his language.  He wouldn’t believe it.  So the man with the app downloaded the film in that language on his phone and emailed it to his new friend.

A few days later he received an email from the bus driver, so excited about the film in his own language that he had watched it five times.  Then he asked if it was all right that he had forwarded the film to all his friends who spoke that language!  Yes, it was all right.

To learn how to obtain and use this wonderful app, watch this short video. Then wherever you go, you can choose the best film—the full film, or a short one—to introduce people to Jesus—in their own language!

What about you?  How could you use this app?