Praying for a Resistant Loved One


Probably you have a loved one you pray fervently for.  Someone who has walked away from the Lord, or who has never even met Him.  Someone who is making destructive choices for his/her life—choices that frighten you for the future.  Someone who has turned his/her back on all that you value in life.

You have reached out, loved, provided, cared, preached, rescued—and of course, prayed.I know.  I’ve been there.  And I’ve found that sometimes I need some help in this battle.  And it is a battle.

The following prayers have been helpful to me and to many in our Prayer for Prodigals community.  Perhaps you will find some courage and encouragement as you bring these prayers—a few or all—to the Lord. 

1.  God would give him/her a deep sense of how valued, loved, special, accepted he/she is to Jesus; and that he/she was created for very high purposes that are far more exciting and challenging than anything he/she can create himself/herself.

2.  He would soften his/her heart and awaken his/her conscience, and remove any spiritual blindness.

3.  God would reveal the truth about the people he/she is associating with:  show him/her their true characters and motives and the final result of their lifestyles; that he/she would tear away the glamor and excitement that may cover up any sin involved (John 16:13, Gal. 5:19-26)

4.  God would break up any relationships that are hindering God's purpose and leading him/her to ungodliness. (1 Cor. 15:33)

5.  He would reveal the Truth about his/her own choices and where he/she is headed (see the rewards in his/her good choices and the destructive consequences in any bad ones). (2 Cor. 7:9)

6.  Holy Spirit would keep pursuring him/here and not let him/her rest, but lead him/her to complete repentance; cause him/her to feel no peace when involved in anything sinful and very at peace when doing things that are according to God's will.

7.  God would retake any ground given to Satan by his/her actions and exposure to ungodly people and activities.

8.  Holy Spirit would bring to his/her memory many of the Scriptures he/she memorized in earlier years, that his/her mind would be flooded with the Word of God--whatever He knows he/she needs to be reminded of (for example, only God knows if he/she needs to be reminded of His love or His righteous dealing with sin, of His grace or His holiness, etc.) (John16:13, 2 Cor. 8:9, Gal. 3:24).

9.  He would show him/her in an unforgettable way that He is alive, very real, powerful, holy, personal, standing with open arms, but will not be mocked.

10.  He would humble him/her and get his/her attention, as gently as possible and preferably without long-term effects on his/her life, but that He would be free to do whatever He knows is needed to get him/her back to walking with Him.

11.  God would bring Christians out of the woodwork and he/she would constantly be bumping into them; they would remind him/her of all the positive experiences he/she had with God's family and be pulled to desire to be part of His family's fellowship.

12.  He would create in him/her a sense of needing his/her family, and opportunities for him/her to "need" us and for us to know the best way to show love to him/her.

13.  He would not allow him/her to "get away with" anything illegal or immoral--he/she would know there ARE immediate and long-term consequences to disobedience and disregard for God

14.  His/her self-sufficiency and trust in his/her own efforts apart from God would not work or satisfy so he/she sees his/her need to yield to and depend on Him (John 15:5, 1 Cor. 3:18-20).

15.  God would make some supernatural provision for specific needs he/she has, e.g., job, car, so that he/she knows it is from God.

16.  God would put a hedge of thorns around him/her, to keep him/her from going his/her own wrong way and to protect him/her from the evil one.

17.  God would continually show him/her that He loves him/her and is full of compassion and mercy as He calls him/her to come back, where there will be a great celebration.

What about you? How have your prayed for your loved one?

(With gratitude to Nancy Beverly)