Wonder: Never Get Over It

I wrote this post more than 2 years ago, but it still represents one of my favorite truths:  All that God has done is wonder-full and awe-some.  We seem to have become immune to the amazing things all around us.  I hope this will remind you to "never get over it!"

I think that in the past life was probably filled with more awe!  We were surprised, amazed, even enraptured by the simple things of life.


But now we meet people from Kazakhstan, travel to New Zealand, talk to Timbuktu,  behold spectacular movie special effects, watch floods, earthquakes and revolutions as they happen.  We are so bombarded by the astonishing, the dazzling, the stunning, that nothing inspires awe.  In fact, many of us live bored!How tragic!  For God offers to immerse us in a world of the wondrous, the magnificent, the adventurous—yes, even the miraculous.  We should live in awe!  We should never get over it.

These are a few of the things that inspire awe in me, truths that I never get over:I never get over God’s love for me--He delights in me, adores me, treasures me, wants to be with me, enjoys my company, is thrilled when I choose to be with Him.  He really likes me.

I never get over that that love sent Jesus to the cross to die for me--He forgives me, dresses me in His righteousness, adopts me as His own child, walks with me, provides all I need.  He comforts and encourages, strengthens and lifts up, wipes my tears and laughs with me.I never get over the beauty and wonder of the world God created--

Sunrise, sunset, the crashing ocean waves, the majesty of mountains, the starkness of the desert.   A galloping horse, a soaring eagle, a willowy jellyfish, a silly otter.

I never get over people--The kindness (and the meanness) of human beings, the colorful variety, the depth of love between husband and wife, the  joy of children’s laughter and hugs, the sweetness of true friends. The compassion in loss, the comfort in pain, the standing with and kneeling beside.

I never get over that God invited me to be a partner in building His Kingdom--He calls me a work of art—His masterpiece.  He gifted me with the talents and temperament, the abilities and weaknesses that equip me perfectly for the good works He has prepared for me.  He gives me the privilege of introducing people to the Savior, of helping them to grow, of encouraging them to be and do all He created them for.

Because of all this, my life has real purpose, profound meaning, breathtaking adventure, delicious surprises, deep love, abundant joy, faithful friends, significant work, amazing opportunities.

Who could be bored!

I will never get over it!

c2011 Judy Douglass