Beach Walk and God Talk

I’m on one of my beach retreats—I try to come away by myself once or twice a year.

I usually spend mornings with God—in the Word and worship and prayer.  Afternoons and evenings vary—this time it’s working on a book and reading a couple of books.  I hope.

But I always start the same way:  a long beach walk at water’s edge—my feet are all that get wet when I’m at the beach.  With one question to the Lord:  What do you want to say to me?

He almost always says something wonderful to begin with—about how much He loves me, or how much He loves to be with me, or how pleased He is with me.  He gets specific—He is pleased that I love grace and mercy.

This time He had a Revelation 2-3 list of admonitions for me.  You know: “You’re really great at this, but I have this against you” kinds of corrections.

The first thing He said was get some rest.  Sigh.  It’s not like I don’t know I need rest.  So I’m seeking to comply.

Then He told me to trust Steve with the cabinet decision.  We have had some mold and water damage and are replacing kitchen cabinets.  I do have opinions on such things.  Steve called twice with questions, but I gladly and peacefully let him make the decisions and place the order.

“Oh yes,” He said.  “About the piles at home.”  I operate by the pile system, and my busyness has inevitably caused them to spread.  I always intend to tackle them, but I would rather write a blog post.  My Father suggested I do a little every day.  So practical.

There were some personal instructions I think I won’t share.  And then this:

“Your online relationships and ministry are really great. I love how you encourage and connect with people and share so much good content  But perhaps there are those who would love to get a little more of your time—friends, people you work with.  Your husband.  And I would love to have these long chats every day, even when you aren’t at the beach.”

That’s one of the things I love about my Abba:  If I ask, He gives me honest answers.

What about you?  What has God said to you lately?