Posting at Sacred Story: In All Things


Today I have the privilege of guesting at Sacred Story, a blog by Laura Wilcox.  I love her tagline:  Live a story.  Give a story.  Love the Author. Her vision for Sacred Story includes encouraging women to live their stories in light of God’s grand story, to pass on their stories to others, and to know Jesus as their “first love” in every chapter.   This month she is featuring one of my favorite themes:  giving thanks. Here is my post: In All Things.


The doctor kept saying wow!

It was good news! Our son-in-love Nick, who has an auto-immune liver condition that almost killed him several years ago and for which the only cure is a transplant, just finished his first Mayo check-up in a year. All the reports came back good—equal to or better than a year ago. The doctor’s response: I didn’t expect you to be so healthy.

Our response: Thank You, Lord. Praise God! So grateful!Click over here to read the rest of the post.Image: The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet