The Miracle Room-Guest Post by Kim Anderson

Yesterday I had Christmas brunch with my Saucer Sisters--a group of friends who have been together 15 years, with cups so overflowing we are drinking from the saucer.  The baby of our group, Kim Anderson, works at a women's clinic.  She read to us this story of what happened just as they were about to leave work one evening. I thought you would want to read it.

The phone call came in just as we were ready to close up for the night.  We were tired, battle worn, and ready to lock the doors.  I can only credit the Holy Spirit for my picking up the phone.

“Hello, Choices Women’s Clinic. May I help you?”

The words that followed were chilling: “Yes, I need help.  I just found out my 17-year-old daughter is pregnant and I need to know how far along can she be and still get an abortion.” I asked this frantic mother how far along her daughter was and she shockingly replied, “I think around 30 weeks!”  My heart dropped. This would not be an easy night!

After talking with her for some time on the phone, she agreed to bring her daughter in that evening, so I could perform an ultrasound on her.  Grateful for her willingness, Rachael, Corrie and I began praying!

Faces of Fear

Fear wears itself differently on every face.  Sullen, disconnected and distant, the teenager walked in with her mother, arms crossed and lips pursed. As empty as this teenager was, her mother was that frantic. Cloaked with a palatable intensity, the pair entered into our clinic and our hearts.

Corrie and I met with them together and listened to their story. We learned her name was Brit and she was a senior in high school and a brilliant student. Yet, over the past months her grades had dropped, and she began suffering from depression. Her mother, Claire, had a gnawing suspicion that her daughter may be pregnant, but was told “No” over and over as Brit still experienced her monthly cycle. Brit was taken to see a doctor earlier that afternoon for abdominal pains and there received the news she was pregnant.

I took Brit into our “Miracle Room” to begin her Ultrasound while Corrie remained in the counseling room, ministering to Claire. Over and over they both expressed they could not have this baby and just wanted to figure out a way “to be done with this.” They were hoping Brit was less than 24 weeks so they could easily have the abortion.

As I sat in the room alone with Brit, she broke down in tears.  Afraid and feeling misunderstood, she explained that she was not lying to her mother and truly did not know she was pregnant. I had to admit, she certainly didn’t look 30 weeks!

"I don't want to look at the monitor."

Once on the Ultrasound table I lifted her shirt to begin the scan. Staring down at her gentle rounded tummy, I wondered what precious, tiny life might be staring back at me. Was it a boy or a girl?  My moment of quiet wonder was interrupted as she quietly asked, “Can you please turn that monitor around? I don’t want to look at it.” As determined as some clients have been toward aborting, I’ve never had anyone request that before.

Throughout the scan the room was mostly silent. Every now and then she would question if I knew how far along she was, and could she still have the abortion. Her determination to go through with ending this baby’s life was undeterred, even as she asked her questions.

Humbled, I knew that, unless God powerfully intervened, this little one would never use its tiny legs to skip and run about this earth. Not only that, it would never live out his or her glory purposes for which it was created. As I neared the completion of the scan, it was clear that this little one was not 30 weeks, but 35+ weeks old and could live outside the womb, if born that very day. Silently, I kept praying, and was comforted knowing Rachael was outside doing the same.

I had one last part of my scan to perform, yet wanted to be sensitive to my young client.  I explained she would likely hear the baby’s heartbeat as I performed the Doppler part of the scan. In an unexpected display of vulnerability she replied, “That’s all right, I will be okay.”

Rarely is a mother prepared for the first time she hears her baby’s heart. Its power is emotionally seismic, often shattering the most hardened hearts. In reality, the tiny voice of the unborn is humble and soft as each beat whispers, “I’m here!”  “I’m real!” “I’m alive!” Brit’s little baby spared her no less tidings, and I watched God use this tiny heart beat to begin crumbling Brit’s resolve.

Slowly, Brit looked up at me, her face softer and more like the child she was, and began asking me questions about adoption.  God was in the Miracle Room!

Corrie had been ministering with a beautiful mix of God’s truth and grace, and by His mercy, Claire slowly began to discuss the options around adoption. Over the several hours we spent with them, both mother and daughter not only softened toward one another, but also to hope in God, and to the idea of adoption!

A Window of Grace

God miraculously opened a window of grace through which they could look out and see another way. We prayed for them, hugged them time and time again, and watched in amazement as they walked out together.

Hope wears itself differently too. For Brit, it looked like freedom, and burdens lifted.  For Claire, it sparked a banner of love over her daughter. For Corrie, Rachael and me, it just looked like pure JOY! We hugged each other, over and over again, rejoicing over the battle God fought and won!

As we ministered to them over the following three weeks, it was apparent that God was working in many of their relationships, as well as providing direction for the many decisions they needed to make. In the early Thanksgiving morning hours, I received a call from Claire, telling us that Brit had delivered a healthy beautiful baby boy named Bryant Daniel! God took this precious family full circle and, amidst much healing and restoration, they made the decision to bring little Bryant home to be raised by Brit, with the support of her family.

It’s a rare privilege to behold the fruit of God’s rescue, yet there by Brit’s bedside I gazed into the eyes of the one I initially could only hope for. Holding that precious little boy in my arms I realized that very soon his little legs will begin to run and eventually skip across this beautiful earth!

And best of all, Bryant gets to live out God’s glory purposes for which he was created. His precious life is a forever witness to God’s powerful love! Only the Great I Am could direct this frantic mother’s call to our clinic and lovingly accomplish all He did on behalf of Bryant Daniel and his young mother. She thought we would help her by ending this little life, but instead God used us to introduce her to the love and blessings of the Life Giver.

C 2013 Kimberly Sloan Anderson RDMS                                     

(Names are fictitious.)

Kim has been a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer for more than 25 years. She is humbled that God allows her the privilege of combining her love for  medicine and the Gospel to bring hope to women in crisis. Anchored by God's Word, Kim is passionate about awarding worth and cultivating growth in women by helping them understand their identity in Christ. Married for 25 years to her husband Danny, they have 4 children. A writer and speaker at heart, Kim is grateful for the gift of words!