Kingdom Women: Telling Their Stories

I discovered a new verse recently.  No, not new in the Bible.  But I had never noticed it before.  And I love it!

“The Lord announces the word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng….”(Psalm 68:11)

Oh, that is so true!  Throughout the Bible, throughout history there has been a mighty throng of women who have proclaimed the Word, who have loved and served God.  And it continues.  You and I are among them, along with many others in this generation.

We need to know about them!  We need to let their lives challenge ours, their passion inflame ours, their surrender bring us to our knees, their obedience arouse ours.  They must remind us of what God is willing to do in and through a woman whose heart is wholly His.  So let’s meet some of these Kingdom Women.

Over the next year I would like to tell the stories of some of them.  Women from the Bible, others who served God even in the Dark Ages.  Women who were key to the missionary movement of the previous two centuries.  And some current heroines of the Lord.  You will recognize some names; others are more obscure.  Some minister prominently, others known only to a few.

I have some in mind:  Deborah from Judges; Teresa of Avila; Catherine Booth; some of the women who took the China Inland Mission inland.  And surely you know of women of the 20th and 21st centuries who have lived and spoken well for our Lord.

I hope to tell at least two stories each month—more if I have them.  But I need your help:

  1. Comment below with your suggestions—give me names.

  2. Would you like to write up a story on a woman—historical or current--who has influenced you? Use the Contact Me form on my website.

  3. Suggest someone you know who might want to write one of the stories.

  4. Let me know of write-ups you have seen that might be helpful.

  5. Pray that God will be glorified as His daughters proclaim His Word!

And men, you are welcome to participate.  I love it when brothers lift up their sisters.May each of us be part of that mighty throng!

What about you?  Whose story would you like to read?

c2014 Judy Douglass

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