Done Is Better Than Perfect--Guest Post by Ken Cochrum

My friend Ken Cochrum and I have some things in common:  Texas, the University of Texas,  resisting the boxes of how it’s always been done, a commitment to touching the world for Christ through digital (which he understands better than I do).  And now writing.  Ken recently earned a doctorate (very different from me), and his research for and writing of his dissertation led to his new book.  CLOSE: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures is out today, and I’ve invited Ken give us a little taste of it. (AND THERE WILL BE A FREE BOOK!)

Whatever you're working on, unless you're a brain surgeon, chances are it doesn't need to be perfect. But it does need to get done.

Today marks the public launch of my book CLOSE: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures. I think you'll like it; I wrote it for you. It's hard to believe that only a few short months ago I wrote this post about my creative (non-)writing process:

I'm working under deadline to finish the final draft of my first e-book. It has nine chapters. I'm happy with half of them. Two others need a few tweaks. Two need complete rewrites.Or do they?

In my mind, they're not yet perfect. But, for my intended audience of global leaders who are new to their role, the ideas are fresh, clear, and fairly well-formed.

My audience will be better served by something they need now, rather than waiting until I feel like I have achieved editorial perfection.

I need to get it done.

What are you working on that needs to be done rather than perfect?***

Interested in reading more? Visit to check out Ken's book CLOSE: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures.  


Ken Cochrum serves as VP of Global Digital Strategies for Cru.  He and wonderful wife Ann have two grown children and love to bike—really long bike rides.   Ken blogs regularly at  You can follow him @kencochrum.