Enduring Time: A Free E-Book for You


Last week was the Worldwide Prodigal Prayer Day.

We prayed.  Many hundreds of us for many hours.We prayed for all those loved ones making destructive choices.  We prayed for change, rescue, hope.

Surely one of the most common questions asked by those who love a prodigal is, “How long, Lord?”  And surely the same is true in any of life’s difficult times:  “How long, Lord?”

For all of us, time is such a controlling element. We don’t have enough time to do everything. We need to manage time, use time well, not waste time.

As our children grow we move between “will this phase ever end?” to “how did they grow up so fast?” When things are difficult or boring, time drags, yet when life is good, time flies.

But when you love a prodigal, it can seem like time stands still, or “will this never end?”  And when life is in crisis or despair or fear, we ask the same question.

The devotional preparation for the 2013 Prodigal Prayer Day was on the theme of TIME. As we approached that day on our knees, we tried to enter into God’s perspective on time, to rest in His timing and even to wait with hope and expectancy.  This is helpful to us in all of the “waiting” times of our lives, even when we don’t have a prodigal.I have put the TIME devotionals into a small e-book—it is my gift to you.

To access your FREE e-book Loving a Prodigal: Enduring Time, click over to Books by Judy on my website.  Enduring Time is the first book listed. Just click on Click Here to access instructions for downloading your desired format.

And feel free to look at any of the other books as well, including two more free e-books in the Loving a Prodigal series: Finding Rest and Embracing Grace.  I would love for you to share these books with family and friends, or send this post so they can download Enduring Time or the other books.

May God meet you at every moment of need in your life.

C 2014 Judy Douglass