I Love that He Knows My Name

I love to hear my name spoken.  Don't you?

When someone speaks our name, it says, “I know you.  I remember you.  I’m glad you are in my life.”

This past week I was, once again, in a conference of several hundred people.  Many of them I know, and I know—and remember--their names.  But many others I have met, but their names escape me.  How I appreciate name tags. It makes me sad, though, that remembering names is not a strength for me.  When I do use a name, it brings a smile.  At the conference I talked with a man from Africa whom I have met several times.  I remembered his name.  I have met his wife once, and I asked him about her by name.  He was so surprised and pleased that I remembered her name.

I keep working at knowing and remembering names. But there is one who knows—and never forgets—my name.  And He uses it all the time. God actually knows my name.  He knows the names of the stars—all the billions of them.  And He knows my name among all the billions of people He has made. He calls me by name all the time. He says things like: “Judy, I love you.  I am so glad you are my daughter.” “Judy, I made you the way you are—just right, a work of art—and I have good plans for you.  I have a new opportunity for you.”

“Judy, you are so weary.  Come walk with me, rest awhile, let Me take your burdens.”

“Judy, I have some wisdom for you in that situation you are struggling with.”

“Judy, I know this is a hard time, but My grace is more than enough to take you through it.”

“Judy, let’s talk about your attitude, that response to that person you are resisting. There is mercy for that, and strength to change."

“Judy, I love to see your faithfulness and growing trust in Me.  Feel free to ask for whatever you need.” And so much more.

He knows your name too.

What about you?  What has He been saying to you when He calls your name?

C2014 Judy Douglass