Steve Douglass: Living Out Multiplication


Saturday is my husband’s birthday.  We are having a little family dinner Saturday night, but you already know I like extended celebrations.  His gift won’t arrive for another week.

But I thought I would let you have a peek into more of his life as a gift to you.

If you know him, you know he is a busy, focused, intelligent, caring, funny, insightful, disciplined person.  And I don’t say those things because I am his loving wife.  Others would say those things.If you are part of our ministry, you know he loves the concept of multiplication—it’s key to our vision and mission.  But he loves it in the rest of his life also.  He is always looking for multiple-count activities--for multiplication in his activities.

For example, when he coached soccer for our children, he loved that that one activity accomplished so much.  The first purpose was to be with our children—involved in their lives.  But it also helped him get exercise, contribute to our community, use his teaching/coaching gifts, meet new friends outside of our ministry and even get to introduce people to Jesus.

He has another multiple-count activity that he does almost every day he is in town.  He walks early in the morning.  His primary purpose is exercise—staying healthy.

But there is much more.  On the way out, he listens to Scripture.  On the way back, he talks to the Lord.  He often gets a chance to talk to people who are also out walking.

And here’s the kicker.  He picks up trash in the common areas of the neighborhood.

He wears a reflective vest and carries several plastic bags and a picker upper.

The whole neighborhood knows him.  People stop him and thank him.  If they meet him somewhere, they say, “Hey, aren’t you the guy who picks up the trash?”

I admire his ability to get so many benefits from one activity.  But I have to confess it hasn’t worn off on me too much!  I’m usually content with one or two benefits from my chosen activities.

I’m really proud of him in so many ways.  And I’m grateful for one more year to say, “Happy Birthday, Steve!!!”

What about you?  What's something surprising about you?

c2014 Judy Douglass