More and Less in 2015

Several  years ago I began a New Year’s MORE and LESS practice.  A look back at the year just ending and forward to the year ahead—in conversation with God.


What were some attitudes/actions/activities that characterized my life this past year?  Which would I like to see LESS of, and what would I like to see MORE of?  Gratefully, I have seen change in most of these arenas.  Yet my list remains remarkably the same, adding or subtracting only a few each year.

I do set a few specific, measurable goals, as the life coaches say I should.  Those goals will often come out of these heart desires.  I know it is impossible to see significant change in so many areas.  These MORE and LESS statements, thus, really reflect the ongoing work I hope God keeps doing in me.  And they embody my commitment to cooperate with Him. 

I have subtracted a couple of requests this year—but I still see needed growth in each one.  And I have added a few that reflect some realities God has me in right now.

My list for 2015:

More of You and less of me.

More resting in your loving sovereignty and less thinking I have any control over anything.

More living on my face before You and less being in Your face.

More thanking and less grumbling.

More grace to myself and less focus on performance.

More grace to others and less judgment.

More believing the best and less jumping to conclusions.

More walking in the Spirit and less running on empty.

More Spirit-powered discipline and less self-serving procrastination.

More treating my body like God’s temple and less abusing it by my eating and lack of exercise and sleep.

More caring for people and less caring about my schedule.

More resting and less rushing around.

More wonder and less taking people and life and beauty and grace for granted.

And, because it is impossible for me to do all this, I desire to receive more grace from God for ALL He is doing in and through me.

C 2013 Judy Douglass