Words of My Life: Mother

Last Friday was my birthday—the official ending of my Jubilee year celebration of 50 years in ministry and 70 years of life. I’m not quite through with the Words of My Life though, so there will be a few more in the next few weeks. This one is one of my favorties.


Debbie calls me Mom, Michelle calls me Mama, Josh calls me Judy.

Those three totally changed my life. I knew becoming a mother would require some changes, but I had no idea.

Being a mother is an incredible privilege, a challenging calling, a perfect growth producer, a sleep depriver, a prayer igniter, filled with both tears and laughs, a cause for both fear and joy! I have loved being a mother, even in the hard times. I just hope they have learned as much as I have.

You think it ends when they turn 20, but I discovered it goes on for the rest of your life.


And then I have been blessed with seven remarkable grandkids. They call me Jeedoo. I treasure them, adore them, enjoy them, pray for them. If only I had had them earlier, when I had more energy and agility.

But there is more.

My main responsibility in our ministry is to love and encourage our staff around the world. How blessed I am to know hundreds of them—from every continent. I know the names of many, and I love them all. Their service to God and their nations humbles me.

They call me Mother, Mom, Mama, Mum, Aunty. Who am I that I am worthy of such names?

I am honored and grateful.

But there is more.

Now that I am in my 70’s, people think I am wise and mature. (Hmm. Shall I tell them the truth?)

Over this past Jubilee year I have found I am again a mother—a mentor, an adviser, a counselor—a spiritual mother.

I’ve been a spiritual mother before—to those I have been privileged to introduce to my Savior, my Lord—Jesus. But this is a new place in life, a new take on this word of my life: younger women—and men—come to me for wisdom! Who knew that could be!I have always loved being a mother. I marvel that I can be mother to so many staff across the globe.

And to now be “mother” to those coming after, those seeking God and the life He has for them, those learning to love and parent and shine for Jesus—I think I like it.

But I fall on face knowing I am unworthy, that it is all the grace of God.

What about you? What’s a meaningful word of your life?

2015 Judy Douglass