Finding Balance: Help for the Impossible Quest


 I love my job--especially that I get to visit with so many women all around the world. I love interacting, speaking, sharing a meal, hearing fears and concerns, seeking to answer questions.

These women tell me about their challenges: finances, needs of children, health issues, ministry concerns, relationships with husbands—or lack of a husband. I think, though, that the most common question I get asked is “How do I balance my life?”

My quick answer is, “You can’t balance your life.” Which usually doesn’t make those sisters very happy.

I have whole messages on this topic, but I am going to share three quick thoughts on this impossible concern. There is much more, but have found these three priorities take me the farthest toward my desired order in my life. I think they will do the same for you. 

Walk Closely with God.

Though you may not be able to balance your life, there is one who knows just the right balance for each season, even each day, of your life.

Of course, we know that He is to be our first priority and our first love. A key to grasp is to realize we will only be able to discern our long-term and immediate priorities if we are in constant communication with our Lord—“praying always” and “keeping Him continually before us.”

Then we know His heart, And when we are filled with the Spirit, when we see what He is working on in us, we recognize and pursue the opportunities He desires for us.

Take Care of Yourself.

As much as it is in your power—and the power of the Holy Spirit--look after yourself. You may think your family and fulfilling your calling are higher priority than caring for your own needs, and there will be times each will be first priority.

Too often, though, we think we are indispensable. That we have to do it all, that we can’t say no, that we must be all things to everyone.

But if you are not healthy spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally, you will be greatly challenged to do your other priorities well.

So rest, eat right, get some exercise, do what refreshes you, attend to medical needs, talk with those who lift you and encourage you. These will give you the resources to do the other things well.

Grow in Challenging Times.

We all love the good times: when things are going well, family is happy, the job is good, finances are adequate, relationships are positive, we are healthy. God is kind to give us those times of fruitfulness and peace.

Invariably, though, more challenging times will come. Job security gets shaky, health concerns arise, financial resources decline as unexpected expenses climb, ministry fruit doesn’t last, relationships falter, conflict escalates.

These are the times we grow. When we recognize we can’t do it all, that we are not adequate for the challenges. When we run to the Lord, fall on our knees, walk more consistently in the Spirit.

I try to be quick to understand what God is saying to me, to learn what he wants to change in me, to pursue His priorities.

And most of all to walk in the Spirit—to ask Him to fill me and empower me and live through me. This is the source of balance.

What about you? What challenges are putting your life out of balance?

C2015 Judy Douglass