Words of My Life: Connecting


One of my best friends is a really great networker. She meets people and quickly discovers how they can connect and serve each other. She sees the potential in a new relationship.

I don’t do that very well. I tend to see the new person I meet, rather than the possibilities of how we can work together.So I find it amazing that one of the words of my life is connecting. It seems that part of God’s calling for me is to connect needs with provision.

Often the opportunities are personal:

Do you know a great caterer for our daughter’s wedding reception? Yes, I can recommend several.Do you know a counselor who could help someone suffering from PTSD? Yes, I do.

We are desperate to find a place to help our daughter who is anorexic. Can you recommend a place? Oh yes. Our Prayer for Prodigals ministry suggests some good options.

Sometimes the needs are more challenging:

Last night in my Facebook personal messages a friend asked on behalf of a new believer returning to her home country: Do I know someone there who could connect with her? I’m looking for the right person.Yesterday an acquaintance inquired about the right person to contact about some needs of staff in a closed country. I sent him names and emails of the people most likely to be able to address the needs.

Today I had a long conversation with a man leading a community group desiring to get more exposure in the city. We talked about websites, blogs, social media. I’m looking for the best person to help his team move forward.

And sometimes I get to help make spiritual connections:

What resources does Cru have to help me take the women I’m discipling to the next level?

The Significant Woman is one of the best.

It’s unusual for me to not have a Facebook personal message each morning from one of my global friends telling of a ministry event or a health concern or a financial need and requesting prayer. I will certainly pray, and I might make further connections.

Today a frantic email came from a friend in crisis: Please, I need prayer now. It was so easy to stop right then and go to God on her behalf.

And sometimes I get to connect people to God, for eternity. After I shared my story of meeting and walking with Jesus at a tea for international students, a young woman from a country where very few seem open to Christ approached me: “I want what you talked about. I want to know Jesus.” We talked and prayed and she met her Lord.

What a privilege! My primary gift is to encourage God’s children to trust Him, and each time He enables me to make a connection to meet a need, people are encouraged.

I love that!

What about you? How are you able to connect people?

C2015 Judy Douglass

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