When My Grandgirl Calls

Diva Grandgirl

Diva Grandgirl

The phone rings. My daughter’s number. It’s FaceTime!

That means it’s my 2-year-old grandgirl!

I love it.

She calls three or four times a week. She says to her mom, “Talk to Jeedoo.”

I answer the phone, waiting patiently for the connection to happen.

Oh and when it does! That girl screams “Jeedoo!!!” with the biggest smile.

I melt every time.

She chatters away—increasingly with words I recognize.

Earlier this week she entertained me with her baby in a carriage.

Another day she took out all the contents of the purple purse I gave her last month, showing them to me one by one.

Tonight she was in the tub and shared her dinosaur and racing cars with me.

Sometimes she changes her mind and runs from the phone.But mostly she roams in and out as her mother and I chat.

When she is done, I hear, “Say bye to Jeedoo.”

Then we begin the kissing ritual, with each of us pressing our lips to our phones. “Muah!” Over and over.

I could kiss her all night.

Yep, I stop most everything when that girl calls!

What about you?  For whom do you always answer the phone?

c 2015 Judy Douglass