Thank You, Vonette

I met Vonette Bright in July, 1963, at the first Leadership Training Institute at Arrowhead Springs. It was a brief encounter, with many to follow.

In September, 1966, I arrived at Arrowhead Springs as the writer-editor for Collegiate Challenge Magazine, working with Bill Bright, right across the hall from his office. My relationship with Vonette began in earnest.

She became a leader, a mentor, a model, a teacher and a friend to me.

I’ve told a few stories in the links I’ve listed below, though there are many more. But now I just want to say “thank you” to my friend.Thank you, Vonette:

For Being Faithful

For your faithfulness to your husband and your children, to the ministry you helped found and most of all to Jesus and His call on your life.

For consistently walking in the Spirit, giving thanks in the joyful times and the challenging times.

For responding courageously to the surprises your life with Bill Bright brought repeatedly.

For looking for and living in the spot marked “X” as God revealed it over many decades.

For your attitude of “find a need and fill it”—your willingness to do whatever needed to be done.

For modeling what it looks like to live in dependence on God.

For your affection and care for the staff around the world.

For welcoming everyone from every place and status into your home and your life with love and acceptance.

For speaking up for women, and especially staff women, to become all that God created them to be and to do all that God planned for them to do.

For being wise and brave to confront concerns and issues—with grace and humility and confidence in the Lord.

For Being So Fun

For making life fun, for being the life of the party, for drawing everyone into the party.

For being the consummate hostess for formal galas and casual get togethers.

For intentionally bringing people together, to know and appreciate each other, to work together for Kingdom causes.

For your contagious laugh that encouraged delight wherever you were.

For your infectious joy in interactions with your husband—we have so many pictures of you laughing together

For Being My Friend

For welcoming me into your home and your life with love and acceptance.

For calling me to excellence in hospitality and appearance, with my family and in my ministry.

For showing me how to graciously and humbly serve and be served.

For demonstrating what it looks like to be a true partner with your husband, encouraging and serving and honoring each other, contributing to your joint calling with the gifts and strengths God gave you.

For looking for the good, emphasizing the positive, believing the best.

For always believing in me and accepting me and encouraging me.

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