Face Time or Face-to-Face

Face Time with my grandgirl

Face Time with my grandgirl

My Texas grandgirl loves to Face Time. She and her mom call me—she waits almost breathlessly (I’m sure) in that momentary pause until our faces appear. At that instant she squeals, “Jeedoo!” (My grandmother name!)

I love it. And I love our brief conversation before she wanders off to some other interest. Soon I will get to see her face-to-face! I can hardly wait.

That’s kind of how it is for us with God, isn’t it. We love to talk to Him—to tell Him about the day, to express our hurts and joys and desires. Hopefully to listen and not get too distracted. But it’s a lot like Face Time. We can “see” Him, but Scripture tells us we can only see “through a dark glass.” The image is a little fuzzy.

Someday, though, we will see Him face to face. I can hardly wait.

So many of my friends have made that journey to face-to-face lately, or are in the process.

I was at a memorial service for my friend Sue recently. Her son made a comment about how wonderful it was that Face Time made faces of loved ones and friends visible to Sue as they called to say good-bye.

Then he said that now she doesn’t need Face Time—she is face-to-face with her Savior. The dark glass has been shattered. Nothing prevents perfect communication, sweet affection, love expressed.

My friend Vonette graduated to Heaven—and face-to-face—last December. She would have turned 90 three days ago, so I was reminded once again of how much I miss her.

My friend Thomas had a major stroke a few days ago and may be crossing over any day now. I can hardly imagine not seeing his smiling face, so I hope God heals him. But if not, he will get to see God’s smiling face.

My friend Michelle has been on a long cancer journey—the end of that journey is nearing. But oh the new journey she will begin will be so much better—we can’t even imagine it! I—along with her many friends—don’t want her to leave.

But just think: She will need no more Face Time calls. She will be talking to God face-to-face!

God asks us to “seek his face”: “Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. Look to the Lord and his strength; seek his face always. Remember the wonders he has done, his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced…” (Psalm 105:3-5)

So now, we are content with “Face Time” with our Lord. But then we will see Him face-to-face! I can hardly wait!

What about you? Do you Face Time with God?

C2016 Judy Douglass