Our Loving Bitmojis--Just in Time for Valentine's

I enjoy Valentine’s Day, but I don’t really need it. I never doubt that my husband loves me. He tells me so at least several times a day.

For which I am always grateful.

And I do the same for him.

It’s not hard after almost 42 years of marriage. We would know we love each other if we never said the words because of the little things we do daily to demonstrate it.

He makes coffee for me every morning and keeps my cup filled.

I make sure he is well covered in the middle of the night so he doesn’t get cold.

He lives with our home colder than he likes.

I love live with our home warmer than I prefer.

He fixes things around the house all the time.

I fix dinners I know he likes.

These kinds of loving acts keep Valentine’s going all year.

And now we are having fun with a new way to express our love.

My assistant Michelle knows everything about social media, so she designed a bitmoji for me. You can hopefully see some resemblance in the character portrayed here.

A couple of days ago Michelle also created a character for Steve—I think it definitely resembles him.

With bitmojis you can send almost any message you want from your phone.

So now, instead of just texting “I love you” or “I’ll be home soon” or “Thanks for doing that for me", we use bitmojis to communicate with fun and some flair. And of course, "Happy Valentine's."

I hope our loving bitmojis give you a smile for your day—maybe even a laugh.And perhaps some ideas for new ways to say “I love you!” And to keep Valentine’s going all year.

What about you? Does a loved one know how much they are loved?

C2017 Judy Douglass