International Women's Day: A Mighty Throng


My new favorite verse is perfect for celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8:

“The Lord announces the Word, and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng.” (Psalm 68:11)

Women of God: That’s what you are, what we are—a mighty throng of women proclaiming His Word.

Every time you share Christ, you are part of that mighty throng of God’s daughters.

Every time you:

Explain how to be filled with the Spirit.

Take the next step in discipling someone.

Share the stories of lives changed by Jesus.

Use your administrative gifts.

Teach a Bible study.

Love and encourage a discouraged person.

Plan an outreach event.

Undertake a mission of compassion and mercy.

Serve on a conference leadership team.

Pray with a friend in need.

Preach at a church.

Care for the children at a conference.

Every time you let God use you and your gifts, every time you love and serve in the power of the Spirit, you are part of that mighty throng.

I am so grateful to be on God’s Kingdom team with you. And on this International Women’s Day I celebrate you..

What about you? How are you part of that mighty throng?

C 2017 Judy Douglass

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