Relaunching Kindling: A Fiery Challenge to Hearts and Minds


I have just launched a redesign of my website and Kindling blog. And now I’m giving you the first post on the new site—my friend said it needed to be fiery to help us all start fires in hearts and minds. So here is my “fiery” post!

Fire is a wonderful thing. It warms, cooks, lights, purifies, clarifies, tempers and other helpful things. And a fire in the fireplace adds a touch of romance.

Fire can also be disastrous. A forest fire, a home in flames, an oil explosion can all destroy property, cause serious injury and pain, and even kill.

But in the hands of God, fire is a powerful force of His love! Many of God’s servants over the centuries have challenged us to let Him ignite that fire in our hearts and minds. Here are a few.

Jim Elliot

Jim Elliot, missionary to the Huaorani peoples in Ecuador in the 1950s, was martyred by those he was trying to reach.

Catherine of Sienna

Catherine of Sienna (Italy, 14th century), a young woman with many spiritual gifts, served as a spiritual guide for people from all walks of life.  This was one of her sayings: 

Bill Bright

Bill Bright

Bill Bright

Bill Bright was a businessman, a visionary, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ International (Cru)—and my friend and mentor.

Songs of Worship

Fire is often a theme of worship songs, I love to worship the Lord with great songs. Here are a few of them to get your heart ready for starting fires:

Fire Fall Down—Hillsong

Fall Afresh—Kari Jobe

Open Heaven (River Wild)--Hillsong

Burning in My Soul—Passion

Burn Like a Star—Rend Collective

God sets hearts on fire through His fiery Holy Spirit, living in, filling, controlling—inflaming hearts and minds and bodies. And turning us into fireseeds—sparks that spread the holy flames of God’s love and forgiveness.

Will you join me in pursuing the fiery heart of God?

How about you? When has God set your heart aflame?

C2017 Judy Douglass

You can read several of my fiery posts of the past in the booklet to your right on my blog. It’s a free gift for you—just click on it to download the pdf version.