Wonder Woman: Stepping into My Own Story by Debbie Runyon


I love giving space in my blog to young writers, and to special people, like my daughters. This is the second post Debbie has done for me. I love it!

I posted a picture of Wonder Woman on Instagram not too long ago. A little toy with an oversized head. She was a birthday present from my family to tell me this is how they see me. I was really touched by this gift (oversized head, and all), not because I think it’s true about me, but because they think it about me...

I am their Wonder Woman.

On my Instagram comment I said something about how this is what we were all created to be. I do believe that, but I feel a revision is needed. There is already too much out there putting pressure on women to be perfect in every area. I feel it, too, all day, every day. Perfect body, perfect clothes, perfect house, perfect kids, perfect balance of work and home….too much PERFECT! It’s enough to drive anyone over the edge. And the darn standard keeps changing!

Perfection is not what I’m talking about here. What I believe, down in my soul, is that we are all created for greatness. We all have unique talents and gifts. We have great power to influence the lives of those around us. It probably won’t be with a golden lasso, bulletproof wristbands and super strength (though a girl can dream, can’t she?).

It will be with the gifts we’ve each been given--the things that we love to do and love to give to other people. It will be with the hard-won character qualities of a life given to others in love--patience, perseverance, thankfulness. It will be with sacrifice and difficulty that lead to great peace and joy.

The more I think about it, the less I think it is an exact replica of the American Dream. A life of great influence is a life lived for others, and it is not always comfortable. In fact, it is often inconvenient and sometimes downright hard. I think I have spent far too long chasing the goal of comfort and ease.

I have been feeling the call to step into a story that is my own...to throw aside what others expect of me, and focus on what I am discovering to be true about myself. For me, this means that I am spending time in prayer with the One who created me. He knows me better than I know myself and certainly loves me more.

What about you? Are you embracing the Wonder Woman you were created to be? I encourage you to step into it fully. It will be your own story...and it will be a story of epic greatness.


Debbie Runyon shepherds her 5 children aged 1-11, partners with her husband in internet ministry and business, ands leads a group in Bible Study Fellowship. A graduate of Taylor University where she played some awesome soccer, she is also an avid reader (when she can find time) and bakes an amazing apple pie. Wonder Woman indeed!