Get Connected with Jesus Every Day


I want you to meet my friend Mary De Muth.

We met several years ago when our mutual friend, Mary Graham, said we must get together. So we had coffee and shared a lot of our lives.

We connected.

We love Jesus.

We have Texas in common—I’m from Texas (but live in Florida) and she lives in Texas (though she’s from Seattle).

We both love to write and to speak, though she has published many more books than I have.

We connected over prayer. She writes prayers for her friends and readers. I pray for prodigals and those who love them.

We have met two more times and have talked on the phone several times. We have prayed for each other.Why am I telling you all this? Because Mary has just published a most amazing book—a 366-day devotional of prayers from the Word of God to the God of the Word.

I received a little sampler and loved it. In Jesus Every Day: Prayers to Awaken Your Soul/A Journey Through the Bible in One Year, Mary takes us into the Word and into the heart of our Savior. She talks with God. She invites us into this intimate conversation with the Lord.

I love when people discover that prayer is not an activity—it’s a conversation! With the Creator! It's being connected to God himself!

Just read this from Day 6: Sees, from the story of Hagar in Genesis 16:13-14:

Jesus, thank you for the example of Hagar. There have been times when I’ve felt just like her—forgotten and fleeing from people and circumstances that have leveled me flat. She was forsaken by the very one who forced her into her circumstance, and she found herself alone in the wilderness.

And yet…you saw her. You noticed her there at the well she named. You intervened. And I love that she also gave you a name, “the Living One who sees me.”

Thank you that you are living. You are not a statue. Instead you’re a vibrant well—a fountain of never-ending, thirst-quenching nourishment. You sustain me. You provide everything I need.I need to know, in whatever small way you want to show me, that you notice me today. Please be the God who sees me as I wrestle with my own shame and inadequacies. I need to know you are acquainted with my weakness, and that you don’t hold it against me. Meet me in the wilderness I find myself in today, and pour your refreshing water over me. Amen.

I love this book. It provides small bites of intimate conversation with God himself. I’m already reading more than one prayer a day. And I have already purchased 10 copies to give to friends and family.I hope you get it too—for yourself and for your gift list. Just click here. You will be so glad.

Oh, and did I mention? Mary dedicated the book to me! I am so humbled and so grateful. And here's a picture of my friend:


What about you? What do you talk with God about?

C2017 Judy Douglass