From Redbud Post: When You Love a Prodigal--Turning Curses into Blessings

Once again, I am privileged to have an article in The Redbud Post, the monthly online magazine of the Redbud Writers Guild. This month's theme is "Prodigals," something I have some experience with. I have found that blessings accomplish more than cursings.

sunrise blessing

sunrise blessing

Life is hard for a prodigal. Their lives are filled with fear, failure, and frustration. Yes, much of it is of their own making.

Those who love a prodigal are also filled with fear, failure and frustration. In their efforts to rescue and restore those loved wanderers, they practice tough love, they set strict boundaries, and they sometimes speak discouraging words.

Often they are joined by others who communicate with harsh and hurtful words that multiply the sense of fear, failure, and frustration: teachers, coaches, friends, family, employers, police officers, judges, probation officers.These words are usually purposeful, but too often come straight from the enemy hurling curses, seeking to destroy.

I lived with a prodigal for almost 20 years and have walked with many others on a similar journey. I know these wayward ones need boundaries and consequences and firm words to help them come to their senses, redirect their lives, even to keep them from destroying themselves.

But I also know they need—and more readily respond to—words of love, acceptance, encouragement, and hope. I have found that my words and prayers of blessing—straight from God’s Word—can many times lead to turning, to change, even to transformation.

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