30 Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash

Photo by Nathan Lemon on Unsplash


February 17 has been designated Random Acts of Kindness Day.

(I'm not sure who gets to make all these "Day Designations.")

But surely Random Acts of Kindness is a good one. Looking to be kind on one day can lead to more days--and maybe a way of life. Intentionality can create change. So here are 30 ideas to get you started.

  1. Take a meal to a sick friend.

  2. Talk to a homeless person. Ask his name and how his journey brought him to this place. And give some money or food or a gift card.

  3. Ask a person about her story—and listen to her tell it.

  4. Write a note—handwritten—telling someone how much you appreciate him. Be specific.

  5. Do some grocery shopping for an elderly friend.

  6. Say “God bless you” to store clerks.

  7. Hold a surprise party for a special birthday, or a big celebration, or just to do it.

  8. Shop at a thrift store—to bless yourself and those the charity serves.

  9. Share your garden flowers or produce with neighbors.

  10. Read to a blind person.

  11. Volunteer at an after-school program.

  12. Mow the lawn for someone who is sick.

  13. Make a pot of soup—for your family and to share with a neighbor.

  14. Volunteer to drive an elderly or disabled person to an appointment.

  15. Genuinely compliment someone who might not hear too many compliments.

  16. Smile at a stranger.

  17. Pray for a friend in a hard place.

  18. Sit with a person who has suffered a great loss.

  19. Sing to a feverish child.

  20. Stoop down to talk with a child at her level.

  21. Call that person you have been meaning to call.

  22. Offer to do laundry for a mom with young children.

  23. Offer to keep a sick child so Mom can go to work.

  24. Invite someone to go to church with you.

  25. Give a hug to a discouraged friend.

  26. Do online research for someone who can’t do it herself.

  27. Teach your grandfather how to use Facebook or Instagram.

  28. Offer to reach the back of the shelf for a shorter person at the grocery store.

  29. Host a neighborhood potluck.

  30. Walk your neighborhood and pray for those who live in each home.

So here's to a kinder day...and a kinder world.

What about you? What might you do?

c2019 Judy Douglass