Shaped by God: Words for Life--a New Book by Judy


In the year of my 70th birthday, I also celebrated 50 years of serving on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru). These two Jubilee milestones offered me a wonderful opportunity for reflection. And since I believe in year-long celebrations, I took a year (actually longer!) to intentionally ponder what has become important to me so far. Words became the key.

God joined me in this by frequently giving me insights into the past, present and future—words that have shaped my life. I began to call them the Words of My Life— such as surrender (my word for this year), forgive, blessing, ezer, arsonist, courage, grace.

I devoted at least one entry a month in my online blog to each of these special concepts. As God kept giving me significant words, I endeavored to write what they meant to me in the past, and how I believed they will influence and be lived out in the future.


Cru Media in Singapore agreed to partner with me to publish it. My friend Patrick Ng, director of the Creative Group in Cru Singapore, applied his creative efforts to do the beautiful cover. Mick Haupt contributed great design, and Wanda Rodriguez helped me edit and proof it. Others provided significant assistance.So here it is: Shaped by God: Words for Life. Thirty words, in short reads, to encourage you. You can read one a day, or all of them in a couple of hours.

Perhaps God will use some of my words to speak to you, yes, even to shape you. I think we who are seeking to walk with Christ and become like Him find ourselves treasuring certain words because of all they represent. It is my hope that, as you consider the Life Words that are most meaningful to me, you will realize what words are becoming the most significant to you in your own journey.

Since I love sharing anything that God passes on to me, I’ve added at the end of this book a list of some of the best life-shaping books I’ve read.

The book is now available at Click here to order. You can see other books I've written here.

What about you? What words are shaping your life?

C2019 Judy Douglass