Welcome to the New JudyDouglass.com

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Celebrating today! A redesign of my site at JudyDouglass.com launches today. And soon—September 17—my new book, When Your Love a Prodigal: 90 Days of Grace for the Wilderness, launches.

I love my new site. It has a fresh, clean look, an uncluttered feel, and some new elements!


My Kindling blog will continue to publish (mostly) weekly, seeking to start fires in hearts and minds.

Our world is a desperate place, and we, as God’s children, servants and ambassadors, are called to be His agents for “your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Matthew 6:10) This will require new thinking and living, to be ignited by new fires in hearts and minds.

My books will be featured.

I am so excited about When You Love a Prodigal. More than 15 years of living on a prodigal wilderness journey have produced this devotional: challenging years, many heartaches, living on my knees, holding onto the grace of God, gratitude for abundant gifts from my heavenly Father. If you love a prodigal, or if life is hard or confusing or painful, this book will give you help and hope. It will debut September 17.

Shaped by God: Words for Life has generated much encouraging feedback: “easy to read,” “love the devotional format,” “I can identify with so many things you have written,” “focus on God!”

Quarterly Newsletter

I will begin again to send out a brief letter with updates, ideas, offers and surprises (to me at this point). I still need to decide what I will call this—ideas welcomed.

You don’t need to sign up again to receive all this newness—your subscription is still good. But I will be delighted if you will invite your friends to join us. Forward this email to them with your encouragement to take a look at www.judydouglass.com.

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