Did you eat too much?

Stuffed.  Uncomfortable.  The usual day after a holiday feeling.  And there is still so much food around! Why do I do this?  I’m being very careful to eat well, eat right.  But as all this food surrounds me, I succumb. Everyone says, “Have some.  Have some more.”   It’s just for a few days.  And not all of it is harmful—some is good as well as good for me. I should, as always, listen to Jesus. He and the disciples were in Samaria.  The guys went into town to get food while Jesus gave living water to a wayward woman. When the disciples returned, they urged Jesus to eat. “No,” He said. “I have food to eat that you know nothing about.” “Where did he get this food?” they asked.  “Who brought it to him?” Jesus’ answer changed the conversation.  No, the whole perspective. “My food is to do the will of Him who sent me. and to finish His work.”Physical food is necessary for nourishment, for life.  But it never truly satisfies. Jesus says there is a better, richer, more satisfying food for life:  To do what God wants me to do. To do what God created me to do, daily, in weakness and in strength, with toil and joy and fruitfulness, until it is done! That is a satisfying feast! c2010 Judy Douglass