Perspective at Any Season

“Josh has cut his head open with a chain saw!”These words from Josh’s wife, Brandon, sent chills through me.  Horror.   Fear.Josh was trimming a shrub for a client.  The chain saw kicked back on him, right into his forehead.  Blood gushed.  Pain seared.  Josh managed to hold his head and call 911.  A passing driver stopped to help him.  The paramedics rushed him to Trauma.Brandon arrived.  Family came.  I got there.  Many called and visited at the hospital.  Twitter and Facebook prayers.  Love and care.It was not life threatening.  It missed his eye by a fraction of an inch.  Only a chip from the skull.  No brain damage.  Yes, a deep and ragged gash, requiring many stitches by a plastic surgeon.  Weak and achy.  Ongoing pain.  Living with a life-long scar.Beautiful reminders:Josh’s word to God:  “Thank You, Lord.”  (1 Thes. 5:18)Josh’s word to me:  “I just don’t want to miss what God has for me in this.” (Rom 8:28)Josh’s word to Brandon:  “I haven’t had time to get you a Christmas gift.”  Her response:  “You are my gift.  You are alive!”