An Adoption Story: Chapter 1 "I Am Sending You a Son"

November is National Adoption Month, and Sunday, November 6, is Orphan Sunday.  God tells us we are to care for orphans.  He set an amazing example:  He adopted us.  Certainly not everyone is called to adopt, but probably most of us should ask the question.In honor of National Adoption Month, I am telling our story of adoption—in weekly installments through November.  This is the first chapter.I heard it clearly.  Not audibly, but just as real:“I’m sending you a son.  And you don’t need to do anything about it.”The speaker?God.The context?That’s a story.I married at 31.  I wanted children, but I was absorbed in my work as a magazine editor and writer—I loved what I was doing.  I didn’t think I could keep doing the job at the level I was and be a mom at the level I wanted.So the decision to have children meant I turned over my 7-year-old magazine baby to a new editor.And Debbie was born.  She was bright and beautiful.  But she always cried and rarely slept.  What had I gotten myself into?Soon Michelle came.  Adorable and contented, Michelle slept much of her first year.  I was grateful.  But exhausted.I spent the next year rediscovering myself.  No longer an editor, and not a very good mother, who was I?   God clarified some things for me:  My identity was not in my writing and editing gifts, nor in being a mom.  My identity was in Him.This truth would become especially important in the years to come.Then I was pregnant again, at age 40.  At first I was angry.  Then I was excited.  Then I miscarried.  Again I was angry.  It felt like God was toying with me.  And I was astounded at the depth of my grief.Slowly my heart began to heal.  Peace and contentment settled over me.And then the announcement from God:“I’m sending you a son and you don’t need to do anything about it.”I didn’t get pregnant again.  My husband asked if we should look into adopting.  No, we should wait on God.Time passed.  My girls grew.  I liked my life:  parenting, writing, speaking.  I found myself saying, “You know, Lord, we could forget about the boy.  I’m happy with these two wonderful girls.”“No,” he said.  “I’m sending you a son.  Wait.”A year later we were preparing to move from California to Florida.  In the midst of packing, I heard Him clearly again:“When you get to Florida, someone will ask if you can take a boy.”Really?  Well, if that happened, I would have more confidence this wasn’t just my imagination.We moved.  We met a new friend, Carol.  As Carol and I parted one day, she said, “By the way, do you know someone who could take an 8-year-old boy?”Next week:  The Road to AdoptionSo how did your adoption story begin?  Tell us about it in Comments.c 2011 Judy Douglass