Even the Camels

“Over the camels was Obil the Ishmaelite.”  (1 Chronicles 27:30)Scripture is filled with the names of great leaders, mighty heroes and wicked villains in God’s story of his love for you and me.But it also contains the names of many ordinary people—like Obil, who was over the camels.Your name may not be in Scripture, but it is recorded in God’s books.  In fact, I am sure that your story and my  story are being recorded day by day in our own books.Surely your story begins with God’s careful designing and weaving you in your mother’s womb.  The date of your physical birth is starred.  And I imagine the dreams and plans God has for you are woven throughout.The day of your spiritual birth, when your name was written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, has all the marks of a great heavenly celebration.He recounts the ways He has sought to demonstrate His love for you.  He describes the treasure and joy you are to Him. He records His pleasure in time spent with you, in watching you grow into the person He made you to be, in your discovery of your gifts and strengths, in seeing you obey even the difficult things He asks of you.And throughout the pages of your book are the stories of your doing the good works for which He created you:  the time you encouraged a despondent friend, when you loved that rather unlovable person, the day you told a friend how to know Jesus, your care for your sick child or elderly parent, the way you do your job for His glory.Sometimes it may feel like you are stuck with being ”over the camels,” and other times you seem to soar in the confidence and significance of what you are doing.  Often you say yes to His requests, but occasionally you say no.  Sometimes you feel like a great success, other times like an utter failure.   All these times are written in the book.   All matter.God calls us to faithful obedience to discover and pursue and fulfill His good plans for us.  He loves what He has written so far—and He is eager to unveil the pages to come.Even the camels.c Judy Douglass 2010