Missing Them Already

It was a short visit—not even five days.My sweet daughter and her delightful, rambunctious boys.  They have been called the Rumble Brothers.Family time.  Backyard playground.  Old friends.Lego Imagination Station at Downtown Disney.  Legos all over our family room.Happy time at church, including cousin Maddy.A very long and beautiful day at Sea World.  The best part?  As always, petting the sting rays.A neighborhood walk before heading to the airport.Each boy with his little backpack, their mom and I pulling the big bags.I’m a little sad, but doing okay up to this point.Then, at the security line, 4-year-old Aidan bursts into tears.  “I love you, Jeedoo.  I love you a lot.  I don’t want to leave you.”Tears.  Good-bye.Back home, I pour out my heart to Abba Daddy: “I miss them already.”“I understand,” He replies gently. “I miss you whenever you are away.”What about you?  When does God miss you?c2011 Judy Douglass