Tracking My Stolen Phone

Do you know what you can do with Tracking for an I Phone?

I do now.  It is amazing!So this evening it appears my phone fell out of my pocket, and was recovered by some individual who was so pleased to receive it.

I thought I had left it at home, but alas, it was not at home. This is not the first time I have lost it, but it is the first time it’s been stolen.

My wonderful son-in-love Nick knows how to do all things Apple, so he quickly—on his mini-IPad—used the Find My I Phone tracking to locate it in a nearby town. High tech drama ensued.

The police in that town were so kind to go to the address the tracking gave us.  But it was an empty house, and the phone was on the move—to a Walmart.  The police went there, and we sent ping sounds to the phone.  They questioned people outside the Walmart, but no one would say, "Why yes, I stole that phone, and here it is."  And then the phone went dead.

Fortunately the phone had a password.  And when we started tracking it, we locked it.

When those friendly officers couldn't locate it, we officially reported it stolen to our local sheriff, and two pleasant officers came to take a report.

Altogether we were thoroughly impressed with the helpfulness and timeliness of law enforcement.

I still need my serial number and other details.  But no one thinks I will ever see my phone and its red otterbox again.

So, Thank You, Lord.  It’s been a sweet and helpful relationship.  I am grateful.

What about you?  How many times have you lost your phone?