Wonder: Talking with God

I hadn’t seen Michelle in weeks.  She had been sick, in the hospital even.  I had been traveling.  When one of us was at church, the other wasn’t.

So after the service I asked how she was.  She told me about severe flu, breathing problems, medical isolation—but now she was better.  I told her about my trip, family news, how tired I am.

We had a conversation.  We asked questions, listened, responded, shared, laughed, sympathized, encouraged.  We talked with each other.

That’s what prayer is: a conversation with God.

He wants to talk with me.  Usually I want to talk with Him.I come with my coffee cup. God is waiting for me—patiently.

Sometimes I begin with “What would you like to say to me, Lord?”  If I stay quiet and listen, He will answer a question, or a remind me of a Scripture verse, or give a word of instruction.  Often, though, He says, “Oh Judy, I am so pleased with you.  And so happy to have this time with you!”

Sometimes I come in tears, hurt by harsh words, or saddened at a great loss, or confused by my circumstances.  Compassion and comfort flow from Him.  Loving words console.  Scriptural words remind me of the truths that are still true, even with tears.

Other times I lash out, angry that the omnipotent, loving God has done “this” or allowed “this” to happen to me or to someone I love.  I am grateful that He can handle my anger, and he waits for me to calm down.  Then He shares words of wisdom, peace, hope, conviction, reconciliation—whatever my anger requires.

Or I might hurry in with my list of requests:  Do this, Lord.  Heal her.  Provide this. Rebuke him. Take care of that.  Give me what I need/want…. He remembers that He has invited me to ask, and He has answers: “No, Judy, you will be so sorry if I give you that.”  Or perhaps, “Let’s wait a little while on that one.” Or, “I am so glad to provide that for you, my daughter.”  Or most often, “I have a better idea.”

Then there are times I am overwhelmed at the greatness and goodness of God and I fall on my face before Him.  Why would the almighty, creator God of the universe even talk to me, much less grant my requests?!?  But He does.

Occasionally I rush into His presence bubbling over with joy and gratitude:  “Oh thank You, Lord!  Thank You!  Thank You!”  Or I might come meekly to Him, in sorrow or disappointment, and also say, “Thank You, Lord.”You see, prayer is not about getting God to do what I want Him to do.  It’s about getting to know Him.  It’s about going deeper in my relationship with Him.  It’s about falling more in love with my Lord.

Prayer is quick chat, a sweet exchange, a comforting talk, a long conversation—with God, my Abba Daddy.  Oh the wonder of it!

What about you? Tell us about a recent conversation with God!

C2013 Judy Douglass

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