A Free E-Book for You: Loving a Prodigal: Embracing Grace


I’ve been on a prodigal wilderness journey for 20 years.

Here’s what I’ve learned:  God’s unlimited love is delivered by God’s extravagant grace.I am so grateful.

The challenges of life with a prodigal are beyond human capacity and require abundant grace.

This little book, Loving a Prodigal: Embracing Grace, is a gathering of a series of mini-devotionals I wrote for the Prayer for Prodigals community.  My hope was to encourage them to receive and live in God’s grace and to extend it to their prodigals. I put it into a book as a gift to my praying friend and shared it with them just prior to this year's June 2 Worldwide Day of Prayer for Prodigal.  Now I am giving it to you.

Of course, all of us are prodigals and all of us need grace.  I believe we never come close to grasping the reality of God’s grace.  We spend our lives performing and seeking to earn favor from God.  We treat people the way they treat us.  We keep account of wrongs and hold on to grudges.  We judge those who fall short of our standards, ignoring the truth we fall short of our own standards.

God’s gift for us in this is GRACE.

I pray that this little book will open windows of grace for your mind, your heart, your relationship—your life. It does for mine every time I reread it—truly God did the writing.

And if it encourages, blesses, challenges you, may I ask you to share it with others.  It is FREE.  Please send it to a friend, post it on Facebook, tweet it.  I think GRACE is one of the most important and least lived gifts from God.  I want everyone to experience more and more of that GRACE.

You can access the book here.   Or click on the book icon in the lower right section of this site. When you click over, you can choose which reader you want to download to.

May God surprise you with His grace today and every day!