10 Things God Keeps Saying to Me


I’m such a slow learner.  God tells me these wonderful truths, and I rejoice in them.  Believe them.  Live them.

Until the next time—the next crisis, or disappointment or failure or fear…I’m not sure if it’s loss of memory or hearing…or trust.  But every time I need Him He comes to me, and He whispers these wonderful words—whichever ones I need to hear—to me softly and gently.

I love you, Judy.

I love to be with you, Judy.

I will never leave you, Judy.

I am always looking for ways to do good to you, Judy.

I have plans for you, Judy.

I have good works already prepared for you, Judy.

I have this, Judy.

I will bring good from this, Judy.

I love it, Judy, when you say “Thank You.”

I made you, Judy, just the way you are—and it is good.

You might want to read through these words again, inserting your own name.

What about you?  What does God have to keep saying to you?

C2013 Judy Douglass