The Next Synergy Summit: Orlando


We began Synergy 2.0 with a Summit in Dallas--an amazing event.  We continue in Orlando October 17-19.This is what Synergy Chairman Susie Lipps wrote about Synergy Summits:

So, what if Synergy were more than a conference? What if you could journey with a small group of like-minded people for a season, having the hard conversations? What if you didn’t feel so alone? What if you could learn from other women and men what it means to work together in a Blessed Alliance, to share who you are and what you have learned with others so they too could grow as ezers and image bearers? What if you could gather just an ounce of courage from your Synergy friends to launch into the leadership calling God has planted in you? What if you could collaborate to produce something that would benefit all ezers? What if, through grassroots, small gatherings we could impact the whole Church?

This video, ”The Whole Church Taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole World” was prepared by Synergy for Lausanne 2010.  It further defines the hope and scope of Synergy.

Want to be a part of this two-day, intensive, collaborative-learning event?  Details and registration for the Orlando Summit can be found here.

Want to understand more about the message and work of Synergy Women’s Network?  Click here.

So if you are woman desiring to be empowered to lead out of your Kingdom calling, join us in Orlando for the next Synergy Summit—and bring a friend.What about you?  What has God called you to?

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