The New Synergy Summit

I’m hanging out in Dallas this weekend with 30 other women at the first Synergy Summit.  After a two-year break from a series of national conferences, Synergy Women’s Network has initiated Summits to bring small groups of women leaders together to learn and work together for God's Kingdom.

We opened our three days with a reminder of what Synergy is all about.  I’ve been involved with this effort to open minds and doors for women to serve fully with their gifts from the beginning.  We are still committed to this vision and mission and these core values:


Empowered women leading out of their Christian callings.


The Synergy Network facilitates collaborative learning communities that support and empower women and men leading together for God’s Kingdom purposes.



This changes everything! God is on the move today to rescue the prodigal planet He loves. We are His image bearers. His hand is on us, and we are captivated by His vision for us and for our world. We are committed to invest our gifts and expend ourselves as kingdom builders in service to Jesus Christ throughout the world. We are kingdom minded.


We embrace the message and authority of God’s Word over our lives. We are earnest learners. We will work diligently through careful exegesis and dialogue within community to drill deeper into its riches, to know God more deeply, and to unpack the implications of the gospel into all facets of life. We are scripturally grounded.


We are committed to develop and promote the woman who is engaged or emerging in ministry leadership. We are here to fuel her efforts and fortify her with our friendship so she will flourish as a follower of Jesus and become a courageous, wise Christian leader. We want her to know she is not alone. We are leader focused.


We are members of the Body of Christ. We believe the image of God shines brightest when men and women serve God together as a Blessed Alliance. We are bridge builders—firmly committed to forge strong relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We are community driven.


We are passionate about sharing our wisdom, knowledge and authentic life experience to encourage and empower those in our circle of influence. We are humble, grace-filled and open-handed with the life-gifts God has lavished on us, sustainably investing in the success of others. We are authentically generous.


We live in an ever changing global world. We are students of our culture and our world so we can address the opportunities of today and meet the challenges of tomorrow. We are problem solvers, innovators, visionaries, and strategists. We collaborate to find better ways to advance God’s kingdom in our world. We are culturally engaged.


Want to know more? Check out the Synergy Women’s Network website.  The next Synergy Summit is October 17-19 in Orlando.  Come join us for a great experience with like-minded women seeking to lead out of their Christian callings.

What about you?  Who are you in community with?