The 10 Most Shared Posts on Kindling in 2013

This is just a little thank you to you, my Kindling readers, for a great and growing year together.

Though I have been blogging  Kindling for four years now, I launched this website home for the blog almost ayear ago.  The number of readers continues to grow.

We’ve covered a variety of topics: a series on leadership according to Jesus, a study on Time for those who love a prodigal, several posts on God’s good desires for His daughters, including the first in a series on women God has used for His Kingdom, starting with Dr. Henrietta Mears.  I’ve had several posts on giving and giving thanks and some seasonal thoughts.We have been blessed with some great guest posts—I am so grateful for those who written for Kindling, and you have loved them as well.   I so appreciate those who have commented and the conversations that have started—may I invite more of you add your thoughts to posts that interest or challenge you.

There are several ways to determine the “most popular” post of any year.  Most often the number of views would indicate that.  But I love the potential influence initiated every time someone shares a Kindling blog—on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media.

So here are the 10 Most Popular Kindling Posts, according to number of shares:

1.  The Names God Calls Me

2.  When I Was Beautiful—Guest Post by Beth English

3.  A Free E-Book for You: Loving a Prodigal: Embracing Grace

4.  When I’m Not Good Enough

5.  Loving a Prodigal: In Its Time

6.  7 Prayer Gifts for My Child

7.  A Remarkable New Way to Give Jesus to People

8.  The Miracle Room—Guest Post by Kim Anderson

9.  10 Things God Keeps Saying to Me

10.  The Leader in All of Us: How to Lead Naked and Unashamed by Michelle Essary

Again, thanks for a great year together.  I look forward to interacting in the year to come.What about you?  What would like to see in Kindling?

C 2013 Judy Douglass