Welcoming Grace and A Christmas Blessing

Jesus is the incarnation of the grace of God.  What a gift—may we receive it with gratitude and joy on this day we celebrate His birth.

Our family is also rejoicing about a gift of grace we received December 23:  our new grandgirl Grace Anne.  We are thrilled she has arrived, and are believing God that she will be an instrument of His grace throughout her life, beginning at the beginning.

Her parents and her three big brothers are so happy for this special Christmas gift.

And I have a gift for you:

A Christmas Blessing

May God comfort you with His peace.

May He immerse you in His joy.

May He satisfy your yearnings.

May He free you from fear.

May He renew your faith.

May He fill you with hope.

May He cover you with grace.

A blessed Christmas to you.

With love and gratitude, Judy

What about you?  How have you experienced God's grace and bless this Christmas season?

c2013 Judy Douglass