A Very Special Baptism

A chill overnight had turned the water in the horse trough chilly. Several pots of boiling water brought it to a tolerable temperature.

An afternoon sun was warming all the parents, grandparents, siblings, aunt and uncle and cousins, and close friends as they focused on two boys and their dad.

Papa prayed for this solemn and joyful time of surrender, baptism and celebration.

A class at church had prepared hearts and minds, confirmed in individual interviews with the children’s director.

Dad retold how each boy had wanted to have Jesus in his life, had prayed confessing sins, asking forgiveness, saying “yes” to a relationship with Jesus. Then he read what he had written when each boy had made that commitment made several years earlier.

The older one climbed into the trough/baptismal. Affirming his decision to follow Christ and desire to be baptized, he allowed dad to put him under the water in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The same with son #2.

Then Grandpa spoke some moving words about the reality that all those attending were available for the boys anytime they needed to talk or make decisions or help in a difficult situation. And a promise that those same people were committed to speaking truth in love to each boy as he grows into a man.

Grandpa’s prayer for the boys brought tears to his eyes and everyone else’s.

Special gifts and good food followed.

I’ve witnessed many baptisms over many years, but none as special as this. So grateful.

What about you? How has a baptism service touched your life?

c2015 Judy Douglass