The Tarnish of Hypocrisy

My friend Elisa Morgan has a special new book for all of us who desire to be beautiful--inside and out. Hello, Beauty Full will help us see how truly beauty-full we are.  Elisa asked me to write something on my perspective on discovering and accepting my beauty for her blog, Really. So I wrote about what seems to be the greatest hindrance to that--what tarnishes that beauty.


Hypocrisy is ugly.

Just ask all those people who responded to Barna surveys: "I don't like Christians because they are critical and hypocritical."


Personally, I hate being a hypocrite. I don't want to be ugly.

I've come a long way. People have called me real. Authentic. And I am surely more real and authentic than I used to be.

Living for seven decades, walking with God for more than five decades-yes I have become increasingly the person God made me to be. I tend to accept that I have definite strengths and defined weaknesses. Beauty and flaws. Abilities and inadequacies.

I like who I have become-most of the time. I love that I have a love affair with words. Others are better as writers and speakers than I am, but I am grateful that God uses my words well. And I probably take too much pride in my grammar and spelling gifts.

You can read the rest of the story over at Really, here.